About Us

Quality In Development.

Brenhill is a developer, owner and operator of distinctive and diversified real estate assets. Our goal is to create high quality properties that bring people together in life, work, learning and leisure. As a company with a legacy of groundbreaking projects, we thoughtfully embrace both traditional and modern approaches to placemaking.

What is success for us? Developments that enhance the surrounding community. Respect for ideas and concerns. Improved quality of life for those who call our buildings home. With our focus towards innovation, this collaborative approach to vibrant communities guides our vision and fuels our growth.

Innovation Drives Us.

We seek out new ways to unlock unrealized value that can benefit everyone, and embrace every challenge as an opportunity for creative ingenuity. We continually search for more efficient land use opportunities, mutually rewarding partnerships, unique design concepts, higher quality materials, more sustainable development practices, better systems and smarter construction techniques. If there is a better way, we will strive to find it.

We Make Places For People.

Our vision for each new project begins with the question: how can we create a place that makes life better for people? Respect is at the core of our relationships with those affected by our developments. We understand that to activate good urbanism on the ground, we must design buildings that bring people together and enhance each community’s sense of place.


Our business is rooted in authenticity. Over the years, all of our projects have remained true to our commitment to meeting a defined need. Whether we’re building places for work, life, play or learning, we listen to the needs of people and respond.

With each project, we strive to construct distinctive buildings that are authentic to their surroundings and to the values and desires of the people who occupy and enjoy them.

This is how we help build great communities.


How can we do this better? That’s a question we often ask. We constantly rethink our existing methods, designs and processes with a view towards improvement.

Our goal is to find new ways to construct buildings that are more durable, more satisfying and more attuned to the needs and wants of our clients and the communities in which they live.

We’re not so much looking to change the game, but to lead change for the better. Better places. Better buildings. Better lifestyles. We thrive on challenge; we welcome growth.


As a local, family-owned company since 1976, our strong stakeholder relationships have allowed us to create valuable real estate assets built on mutual trust and designed to improve quality of life in each community.

Whether it’s through our relationships with long-term tenants, innovative partnerships with local governments or ongoing collaboration with the best technical experts in the business, we leverage our entrepreneurial capabilities with the creative and talented people who share our vision and our values.

A Proud Member of UDI.

We are a member of the Urban Development Institute – Pacific Region.

Better buildings. Better relationships.

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