Metz & Chew feature ‘peak (Ode to the Lions)’

8X ON THE PARK, Vancouver 2021

As you walk along the street you see something intriguing that suggests the wild landscape beyond, and within reach – the iconic Lions on the North Shore. The dramatic, faceted forms of twinned mountains sit within the upper pool. The forms are identical but ‘mirrored’ to one another, a play of artifice.

peak (Ode to Lions) is made of mirror-finish stainless steel – a refined medium, yet also playful and interactive. The mirrored surfaces capture and refract light, pattern, colour, abstracting the city around us, always shifting as the light changes, as people pass by. As a metaphor, the mountains are about constancy, eternity, stillness – the internal journey. As objects, they are elegant, captivating and socially engaging.

Peak (ode to Lions) is an unexpected jewel-like object – an unchanging form always shifting with the light; like the landscape itself, still yet ever-changing.

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