Vancouver Sun: A Yaletown Highrise Worth the Wait

8X on the Park, a new 35-storey mixed-use highrise in Yaletown, took 10 years to complete

Author of the article:
Rebecca Keillor

Good things take time. This has certainly been the case with the new 35-storey mixed-use highrise in Yaletown — 8X on the Park (by GBL Architects and Brenhill Developments) — which took 10 years to complete.

This was partly because of the building’s unique location next to Emery Barnes Park, on the corner of Richards and Helmcken, on the site where social housing building Jubilee House was previously located.

GBL architect’s first task was to design the new Jubilee House, located across the street from the original site. Next, they designed a building that accommodated rental and market housing, retail and childcare.

Over half of the market housing units in the buildings have three bedrooms, reflecting the city’s focus on providing more family oriented accommodation.

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